About us

The Mauch & Partners team is a management consultancy that specializes in human resource management.

The existing expertise is based on 20 years of working with larger and medium-sized enterprises in the resolution of issues in the areas of strategy, leadership, sales and interim management.

Our business model supports you to respond quickly to isues through customised counseling engagements. 

Rudolf Mauch

Rudolf Mauch            High Impact Management Berater, Trainer und Coach 

Industrie                   Telco, IT, Electronics, Pharma, Retail

Education                  Law & Economics Uni Freiburg and Heidelberg, MBA Eurpoean University Paris, PHD

                                Business Administration                              

Focus                        Sales, ICO Start-ups, Strategy und Leadership, Compensation Systems

Visiting Professor       University of Economics Prague (VSE)

                                University of Applied Science Pforzheim

Daniela Heisig

Daniela Heisig            Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach

Education                  Psychology Universität of Bonn, PhD University of Zürich                             

Focus                        Change Management, Personal Competencies, Conflikt Management, Women                                     in Leadership Positions

Lecturing                   University of Applied Science Villingen-Schwenningen on Leadership

Andreas Gröpl

Andreas Gröpl            Management Consultant, Trainer and Coach 

Education                  Law & Theology Uni München and Insbruck, LLM Uni Wien, PhD Uni Graz       

Focus                        Mediation, Resilience & Mindfulness,  Spiritual Break-Outs Sessions for Managers,      

                                Conflikt Management, Leadership

Robert Knemeyer

Robert Knemeyer             Management Consultant, Interim Manager and Coach

Education                        Diplom Kaufmann FU Hagen, Industrial Kfm IHK

Focus                              HR Systems & Prozesses, Compensation & Benefit Systems, Pay-roll Systems,       

                                      SAP /Sage, etc., Auditing of HR Functions and Processes

Publication                      Book: HR - Systeme und Prozesse, 2018 Hauffe Verlag

                                     Columnist on HR Issues at Hauffe Verlag